Soldier Solutions

Standard-issued equipment may not always meet the demands of new terrain, or evolving tactics and missions. If you are a deployed or deploying unit or Soldier in urgent need of equipment to meet a critical tactical challenge, please send your information using the form on the right.

You will then be contacted by a REF representative who can assist you to initiate what’s referred to as a “10-Liner.”

The REF 10-liner is a simple form consisting of ten questions to quickly capture your requirement details, such as the tactical problem and specific characteristics needed in a solution. When completed, this form is a classified document that must only be transmitted over the SIPR Network.

REF personnel will review submitted requests. If the requirement in the 10-Liner is validated, the REF will seek to identify potential solutions to bridge the capability gap. The REF’s goal is to get equipment into the field within 180 days from the date of submission, and at times has equipped units in as little as a few days.

Contact the REF using the form on this page to begin the process of submitting a classified 10-Liner.

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