About the Rapid Equipping Force

Who do we work with today?

REF works with units deployed worldwide. The REF's primary focus is support to U.S. troops deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Sinai. It has been actively engaged with the Regionally Aligned Forces and the Global Response Force to identify emerging needs in operating environments around the globe. Units, to contact the REF please check out ourContact page.

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What is REF For?

The REF is designed to increase the rate of innovation to put the United States in a position of advantage. To do this, REF works directly with units in the field to identify urgent requirements ranging across the Warfighting Function areas - from integrated Force Protection systems to tactical Soldier kit. REF operates along three lines of effort: equip, insert and assess. Equip operational forces with solutions in order to reduce operational capability shortfalls, increase Soldier safety and reduce overall operational risk. Assess the full range of desired capabilities and Army business practices to refine, modify and streamline actions and provide Army senior leaders with transformational change recommendations. To learn more about some of REF's specific efforts, be sure to check out our Projects page. To catch up on what we are doing, be sure to check out our BLOG.

The Mission

The Rapid Equipping Force (REF) harnesses current and emerging technologies to examinie incoming requirements and provide immediate solutions to the urgent challenges of U.S. Army forces deployed globally.

The Vision

To remain the Army's quick response capability for urgent non-standard equipment. In partnership with Soldiers worldwide, REF identifies emerging capability gaps; provides solutions within a timeframe relevant to current operations; and shares information with stakeholders to inform and accelerate the deliberate capability development and acquisition processes.